30 April, 2013


Top-down shipbuilding twin stick shooter.

Assemble a ship out of components and blast your way through waves of varied foes.

Solo Project, built for Ludumdare 26.

28 January, 2013

Exit Fear

First Person Survival Horror.

Sneak around a run-down office and reach the exit before the horrors catch you.

Team Project, Built for the Global Game Jam 2013.

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18 January, 2013

Fat Ninja

Side-scrolling Stealth Platformer.

Sneak your way past guards with a variety of disguises and mimicry.

Team Project, built for an Academic Game Design module.

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A Top-Down Meditative Puzzle Game.

Guide the entity in a mouse-driven abstract puzzle game with soothing visuals and soundtrack.

Team Project,built for Research during the MIT-GAMBIT 2012 Summer Program.

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2 Player Cooperative Top-Down Action Game.

Work as team to reach the exit and evade the monster homing in on its head, which you must keep out of its possession.

Team Project, built for an academic game design module.

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17 January, 2013


Top-down Real-time Strategy Game.

Conquer the lands as an Evil overlord, summoning troops and subjugating fortresses.

Solo Project, built for Ludumdare 25.

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16 January, 2013

Magnet Jones

Top-Down Physics Action Game.

Guide the greedy Magnet Jones using his powers to attract treasure and repel enemies.

Solo Project, built for the Experimental Gameplay Project of May 2011.

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