Minor Prototypes and other misc. things

A Racing Game with a Procedurally generated Race Track. Inspired by my own work on Pidgen Racer and Impossible Road. I eventually abandoned work on it due to my own Technical limitations(could not get the track to generate correctly, shaders were broken, performance was choppy) and I felt I could not make it interesting to play from a design standpoint.

Get To The Choppa!
A 2 button platformer with "contra-inspired" graphics.

Winds of War
A short interactive fiction built for an academic storytelling module. Experiment with in-line immersive storytelling and less obvious story choice mechanics.

A "swordfighting" game built for Ludumdare. Might be actually good for VR.

A prototype mobile game based around swapping positions with enemies and getting them to attack each other.

A prototype mobile game based around a mixing of sudoku and word games. Scoring words gives points and reveals sudoku clues.

A tiny working secret voting app. Good for deciding where to eat lunch or playing a game of Resistance/Avalon.