Magnet Jones Info

The player controls an intrepid explorer with the power of magnetic orbs, to collect treasure through a series of dungeons.

This was built for The Experimental Gameplay Project, associated with the great folks who built World of Goo. The theme for this compeititon was Mash-Up. It took me about a week or so to complete it. The player controls an intrepid explorer, using mystical orbs that either repel/attract enemies. Since the theme of the game was mash-up, I took to melding action elements with physics puzzles I had seen online, though playing with the mechanic was fun in the first place, seeing the majestic patterns of repelling particles and objects. I finally added a health system that based on the treasure collected, kind of like how Sonic the Hedgehog did it.

As a designer though, I did not make the game fun enough. the mechanics were interesting, but the level design did not support it well enough.