27 January, 2018

Dodge Smasher - One button mobile Action

Not too long ago, I released a passion project of mine.

Dodge Smasher!

Its a passion project of mine that started off about a year ago. The idea was fun but unpolished. After some time, life came into the picture and I had to shelve the idea.

Fast forward a year, I had some time between jobs. Roping in an old colleague to help with art, I put in close to 2 months of work to launch Dodge Smasher!(Formerly known as Impulse).

Dodge Smasher is a Minimalist Action game played with one button, where you control an orb to hit enemies and dodge their attacks at the same time. Time slows when the player does so, giving her time to plan.

I derived inspiration from many sources while making this game, most notably Fowlst. My years of playing other rogue-likes and action games too went into this. Give it a try if you have an Android Device!

As taken from the store description-
"Ascend in this One-button, Intense Action game built for mobile! Skill-based Roguelike Action like you've never seen!

Time slows as you Bounce, Dodge and Smash your way through Unique Enemies!"